Sandia to boot behemoth botnet

On August 12, 2009, in malware, security, by Eugene

I’m looking forward to finding out the results of this research!

[Sandia's] Thunderbird supercomputer will periodically run a million virtual machines all at once, all with botnet client software. By setting this large network of systems into operation, the researchers, Ron Minnich and Don Rudish, hope to better understand how botnets operate.

It’s a cool idea, and could probably keep me busy forever. The only issue I have with this project is that the time and money would be better spent on trying to improve the fundamental security issues of our computing model, rather than just learning about a symptom (in this case, botnets). Still, it sounds like fun, and will hopefully produce some actionable knowledge in a year or two.

via Sandia to boot behemoth botnet — Government Computer News.


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